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  1. NAHA AB Okinawa Picture Taken some time around 1967.
  2. Picture Taken Naha AB Okinawa 1967. TSGT Rice Crew Chief At That Time.
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    Awesome Plane!!
  4. Mike Chiariello


    My Son Gave This To Me
  5. Mike Chiariello


    Tech School Shepard AFB/That's Me Far Right Bottom Row
  6. YJ 56-480 TSGT Rice Crew Chief/Mike C. Crew Member
  7. Downtown Naha Okinawa (Nominoui) ?
  8. 35th TCS & 374th TCW Naha AB
  9. 35th TCS Patch Naha AB
  10. C-130A Naha AB
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    Naha 1967
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  13. Mike Chiariello


    Ken, sounds like you and your crew, really maintained your bird! Nice job! Congrats! Mike
  14. Yo Robert! I'm a new member here, and I saw your photos. I was at Naha AB 66 thru 68 35th TCS. I worked with TSGT Rice as a assistant crew chief on YJ 56-480! I went to Nam for a few month's, and Bangkok and Ubon with the Blind Bats as well. I have a lot of color slides, and a few black and white prints. I will post the prints at later time. I would like to hear back from you when time permits. my email is [email protected]
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