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  1. A US-based aircrew headhunter company is seeking current & qualified C-130J pilots, loadmasters, and B1/B2 Engineers for a two-year overseas assignment in the UAE. The assignment compensation and benefits terms are currently being finalized with the UAE client, but the following information is available:C-130J Instructor Pilot (3 Positions) 1. Total flight Time: 2500 Hours2. Total PIC Time: 1500 Hours3. Minimum IP Time: 1000 Hours4. Minimum Experience in Type: 500 Hours5. Minimum Night Hours in Type: 300 Hours6. Maximum Age at Start: 55 Years OldC-130J Loadmaster (3 Positions) 1. Minimum Experience in Type: 5 Years Military/Tactical Operations2. Instructor/Examiner Experience Preferred (1 Position Minimum)3. Experience as a Safety Equipment Procedures Instructor (1 Position Minimum)4. Maximum Age at Start: 50 Years OldB1/B2 Engineer 1. B1/B2 Engineer Qualified 2. Experience in Type: 5 Years w/ Minimum 3 Years Line Maintenance Experience3. Engine Run Qualified4. Maximum Age at Start: 50 Years OldPrimary Job Description Perform the following flight operation activities:1. Passenger/Troop Transport2. Cargo Transport3. Animal TransportContract Term Period 2 YearsIf interested in obtaining further information or have a CV to submit for this job announcement, please email david.wilson@magnusaviation.com
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