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Dave Glanville

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  1. Dave, you have returned?  You are the same Dave pictured in my gallery aren't you? 

    Speak up! Especially if you were one of the original "base slobs"

    Ken ( from Sheep Dip Montana)!

    1. Dave Glanville

      Dave Glanville

      I have indeed!

      lost my address book, somehow, when I changed ISP's a few years ago so lost touch with a buncha folks!

      I'm not yet dead.

      I think that the last I knew, you’d been in an accident with your truck? Or was that me?

      so, whacha been up to?

    2. Mt.crewchief


      Yes, I got tipped over in an intersection!! My fault --got a ticket!  Insurance bought me one just like it but newer and had some change left over! 

        It's good to hear you ain't dead.  How are you and your wife doing. The last time I heard from you that there were similar medical problems with both of you. How are you doing now?

       I am doing just fine, and my health is good. The VA replaced both of my knees in 2015 and they are just perfect. I walk ourt in the hills off-road several days a week and since the knees were replaced I have averaged right at 330 miles a year!  I am also in better shape than I have been in. And, I am still overweight. I retired in 2013 on my 67th birthday, but worked training & replacing my my replacee. I haven't worked since 2015.

        Steve and Red and I were talking about you the other day and Steve came up with a reprimand that was given to Red for abandoning his buddy. (me)! Do you remember that?

      Well, I have got to go now but here is my e-mail address  [email protected]

      I think we can also talk privately on this forum . 

      Stay in touch, I am happy to see your are still kicking!  



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