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  1. I was in the 38th from 67-Feb 69. We pulled a TDY to Tachikawa, Japan right after the USS Pueblo was captured by the No. Koreans. Didn't stay ther long as we deployed to Nha Trang for 3 months and then to Cam Rahn Bay for 3 months. Some of the tail numbers you got for the 37th in 72 were. in fact, original 38th birds from 67 and 68. Can't attest to more then that as I separated in Feb 69. Also saw a post about Herky Hill at Cam Rahn - that may refer to the wooden barracks built for us in 68. I recall a water tower and a lot of sand! Those barracks were on a hill (sort of anyway!)

    BTW - I was Inertial and Radar Nav systems repair in the 38th. Don't know if we crossed paths at Langley or not.

  2. The 38th was formed at Langley after the 37th Got back. I was transferred to the 38th at that time. Never went to CCK.
  3. Bob, thanks for posting tail numbers. As we roamed the boneyard, I was wondering about our planes. Neal
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