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    following the first message, apologies for mistakes, I did not notice them befor clicking! Sorry...

  2. Hi everibody.

    Nexcomer to this place.  I found it very interesting, with all the informations.  Well, a few words, I live in France, an ex navy pilot, now retired, I write for air and space french magazines, and commited a few books about flying .    there are very few C130 Hercules in France,  but the french air force has  a long story of using them, as a few civilian L100's for fret companies .    I am writing a book that I hope will fill the need for informations  about the Hercules, as the only books are of course written in english. I hope  to become a kind of " Doctor  Hercules "  in the french language. I look for interesting stories and unknown things about the planr, especially about its conception, prototypes, and initial flight test. Also plans, drawings ans details about the structure. Well, anything noyt very common about it. If paople can give me these kind of infos, i sohould be very grateful. I want to make a book that talks about real facts, and stories.  thanks in advance. Best regards.  Hervé Gouinguenet.

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