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  1. 28 years ago today in North Carolina 9 men who served our country lost their lives in a C-130 crash, April 28 1992 in Blewett Falls N.C. I’d like to recognize a new memorial to honor them and pay tribute to the love they led and left behind. Gabriel Magrane Thomas E. Rowe Michael E. Jones John G. Urbansky Gregg F. Johnston Stephen F. Sablone Michael S. Carpenter Shelton M. Clark Mark W. Reynolds *(If anyone connected to these Airmen would like to place something under the paver, it will be laid this Memorial Day, please contact me 509 218-4800
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    A new memorial in honor of the “Even 91” C-130 crash April 28 1992 in Blewett Falls N.C.
  3. What do you guys now about Can’t Gabriel Magrane. The anniversary of this crash is tomorrow April 28 1992 I would love to learn or speak to anyone that knows Information thank you 5092184800
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