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  1. On 12/17/2016 at 10:17 PM, f4enut said:

    I was in the 374th from Jul. 67 to Jan. 69 as a Maintenance Officer with the 35 TAS and the FMS My first mane is Barry do we know each other?

    At NAHA with the 374th from Jul 67 to Jan 69 as well. Jet Engine Mech. C130A. Never looked back, sucked for my spec. field. 

  2. I also have no vietnam service on my dd214.   Kind of pisses me off.  First time was with the 20th SOS Project Lucky Tiger Huey UH1F, Green Hornets as they were later known to Nakhon Phanom  NKP Thailand and NhaTrang to get fitted with mini-guns. Was part of the Top Secret Project Lucky Tiger mission in  Jan 1967.  Then was sent to Okinawa 374th FMS at Naha later in 1967. Did (3) 60 or 90 day TDY's to CMB in 1967,1968 and discharged Jan 1969.  I have at least 15-16 months receiving combat pay, 3 month TDY resulted in 4 months combat pay, 20 + months in SEA while in the Air Force. I got an early out because of time served in VietNam.   Tried to correct my DD214 and they said yes I had a lot of TDY's in SEA but records  didn't say where I was sent. Yes, I worked 13/7 in Naha and 12/7 in VietNam, I remember in the almost 2 fking years I was given One yes 1 day off. I earned over $1800.00 of combat pay,  so that should be proof enough, but conveniently I and no one else can get their pay records. 

    Thanks for my our service rings a little hollow to me.

    Dennis Jet Engine Spec E4

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