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  1. Ssgt John Wallace I stationed at Sewart AFB assigned to the 61 squadron from March 1966 thru Nov 7 1969. I was cc on 64531 for over 2 years I also crewed 64529 for a while and another one but don’t remember the tail #. I took 64531 on two 90 day TDYs to Mildenhall England and from there all over Europe, parts of N Africa and Middle East. My final 8 months I was engine run certified and was on call 24 hrs a day 7 a week. I was assigned to the 61 squadron but also ran engines for the 62 squadron. That was when the AF offered everyone a 6 month early out. Most of the skilled airmen got out. Due family reasons I stayed in. Mistake mistake mistake!!! My other job besides being on call 24/7 testing engines on the flight line I was assigned to the phase dock under Msgt Cannon. Pure hell. I have been able to keep up with one fellow airman Tom Gargis over the past 52 years. Any other airmen out there that assigned to the 61 squadron who worked on the flight line or phase dock please respond. I would love to hear from you. I am living in Georgetown SC. Wife and I are retired now.
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