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Sumit 38; Gone, but not forgotten


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25 years ago today Sumit 38 crashed near Bliss, Idaho. It was returning to Peterson AFB, CO. after dropping off personnel 

from the 302nd Airlift Wing (AFRES) for the annual MAFFS training in Boise, Idaho.

Lost , but not forgotten:

Lt. Col Bob Buckhout

Major Geoffrey Boyd

2nd Lt. Lance Dougherty

CMSgt Jimmie Vail

MSgt Jay Kemp

SSgt Michael Scheideman

Rest In Peace My Friends!


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hercfixer,   Was the tail number of this acft. 62-1838?  If so, I was the crew chief from mid 1966 to the end of 1968.  During this time the acft. was assigned to the 36 TAS at Langley.  


Do you have details concerning the accident?  If so could you post them here?   Seem to recall several years ago there was a thread here talking about this accident, but can't find it.  


Very disconcerting to find out an acft. that you were responsible for over two years crashed and killed the crew.  



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The aircraft tail number was 62-1838.

The crew was experiencing high fuel flow to #2 engine, on climb out the #2 engine turbine departed up thru the “horse collar” area,

#2 engine separated from the wing, left wing failure at approximately 18,000 feet.


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