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  1. Good morning Ralph, Sixty years ago I was crew chief on C-130A II 56-534. My best recollection, C-130As' did not have synchro-phase.
  2. With a C-130 TCTO number by what authority will this new amp. be applicable to spare engines?
  3. lI would have been more impressed if the hiway was two lane. 😃 Considering how long the Herk has been doing tactical airlift, especially in Viet Nam, on unimproved strips barely long enough for C-7s, surprised this operation had never been done before. Further, landing on hiway has long been done by numerous other air forces including the RAF who've landed a C-130J on a beach. Thinking this operation was a piece of cake for one of the many highly qualified Guard aircrews.
  4. I riveted the front ones closed on my aircraft.
  5. Doesn't resemble anything I've seen on a 130. Perhaps on the 54-55 year aircraft? Guessing your wife will be overjoyed to get rid of it.
  6. Fourteen years on C-130s, never lost this pin. As nascarpop posted above, best to insert pin front to back.
  7. In 14 years I managed to get my acft. on a black initial once but it didn't last long.
  8. larry myers


    Well done Spectre!
  9. hercfixer, Was the tail number of this acft. 62-1838? If so, I was the crew chief from mid 1966 to the end of 1968. During this time the acft. was assigned to the 36 TAS at Langley. Do you have details concerning the accident? If so could you post them here? Seem to recall several years ago there was a thread here talking about this accident, but can't find it. Very disconcerting to find out an acft. that you were responsible for over two years crashed and killed the crew.
  10. Well, I'd say this is SOP for the USAF. ☹️ When it involves buying new systems or aircraft, the airforce is very much afu. AMP and the KC-46 are further examples. I recall we were having meetings in 2001concerning AMP. In all fairness, Congress is a big part of the problem by not providing consistent funding.
  11. Hanging in here, much like everyone else. Beginning to show signs of cabin fever. And bored like other guys here. Have been to the supermarket twice, and over my wife's objection, took my car to the shop. We're following the rules to the letter. Took the worst ass chewing ever from my wife for failing to maintain personal distance. 😡 Think she would have made a great TI.
  12. I'm with tiny, don't remember ever replacing one of these in the field. Do remember replacing several in conjunction with PDM. Additionally, there were a couple of aircraft discovered in the field with excessive corrosion requiring immediate replacement. In these cases we submitted a 103 and subsequently flew the aircraft to WR for replacement. This is not a job for the faint of heart. It is a heavy depot level task. Further, it requires highly skilled technicians not normally (ever) found at the I level. The shoring required is massive. The aircraft must be completely hangered and once maintenance commences it cannot be moved. Very precise alignment, measurement, drilling, fitting and much more required. Additionally, tooling most likely would be an issue. Not saying doing the task in the unit can't be done but only it'd probably increase difficulty and take longer. The bright side to all of this is WR has extensive experience doing this, dating back to 1972, perhaps earlier. I think it could be said, no one does it better. Keep in mine what is written above is my best recollection of events that occurred almost 50 years ago. Some or all of it may or may not be pertinent today.
  13. In the early 80s an all female C-141 crew preformed a similar feat, flying from McGuire AFB to RAF Mildenhall.
  14. Good morning Spectre, For a burned out old geezer am in pretty good shape. Except for an on duty back injury incurred while chasing a hooker down the alley behind the Blue Angel. I agree with you concerning the origin of Laurent's ramp and door hydraulic control panel. Although I spent four years in an "A" model outfit, never opened the ramp and door. The reason being our aircraft were configured for a classified mission resulting in all the ramp and door hydraulics being removed and the ramp and door being semi-permanently closed. Opened only during PDM. Had the same experience as you going from "A"s to "E"s.
  15. Laurent, Have you been rummaging through an antique shop. Am guessing you might be lucky and find a crusty old sergeant in assisted living facility, who, if he doesn't have dementia may remember these components. One thing for sure, you won't find these pieces on anything flying today. The ramp and door control panel may be off a 54/55 A model. Just my attempt at humor.
  16. Does anyone know what the disposition was with the AC-130J that while doing flight test departed controlled flight resulting in exceeding structural limitations. After flight inspection revealed massive structural damage that resulted in the aircraft being declared fatally damaged. I believe this occurred on the Eglin range.
  17. I live about ten miles from the location at which the aircraft will be reassembled. I'll keep my eye on the progress and when the vertical fin reaches vertical such that the tail number can be seen I'll post it here. On the local tv news there were several closeup photos. From what I observed the aircraft is in poor condition.
  18. I live about ten miles from the location at which the aircraft will be reassembled and studied. I'll keep my eye on the progress and when the vertical fin reaches vertical such that the tail number can be seen I'll post it here. On the local tv news tonight there were several closeup film clips. From what I observed the aircraft is in poor condition.
  19. This is the most complicated mhe I've ever seen. Too many moving parts. Thinking the in commission rate would be abysmal. The way we offloaded cargo in Viet Nam worked very well as I recall.
  20. Ah yes, Don. I remember Bill Cord well. He was an easy going competent FE.
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