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  1. Hello, I'm an engineer working on Pallet Loaders/K-Loaders. I want to understand about the cargo loading and unloading procedures, specifically the use of Pallet Loaders and forklifts. When is a pallet loader used and when is a forklift used? Pallet loaders can only provide a horizontal movement of the pallets from and to the aircraft. Since forklifts are required for the vertical movement from and to the dunnage, then why not directly use a forklift to unload the aircraft, one pallet at a time. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Hello all, I'm from Indian Institute of Technology- Madras, India where we've been working with Lockheed Martin to develop a cargo handling vehicle, named Cargo Ground Buildup System (CGBS), for supporting C-130's operations at austere locations where there's an unavailability of material handling equipment and infrastructure. Attached is a flyer for CGBS and an animation of the working of the vehicle can be seen here. I would like to get the opinions of the experts in this community about our product. Also, I welcome any and all suggestions on how I can estimate the number of such vehicles that would possibly be required by countries operating the C-130. Thanks. Anupam CGBS_Flyer_V2.pdf
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