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  1. anyone stationed at RM remember the name of a good german restaurant pretty near base; I have it recorded as Middledicks but i really doubt that's the right name. we're headed back to Germany & I'd like to retrace some good memories. Thnx
  2. yes 804. mis=keyed. I'm having Casey make me a pic right now of ole' 804. thnx
  3. thnx so much.,MTcrew chief tells me his acft was 604 and it had DH at CCK.
  4. Just came back from the 2016 Alaska State Fair. I found Hanoi Jane urinal stickers are back. Couldn't resist buying one for old times' sake. Pee'd on a lot of these thru'out SEA. bet you did too.
  5. help pls. Does anyone remember if the PACAF Herc's on Clark AFB had any "to letter" large white base designators ? I'm having oe of those shiny prinys done by "Casey" and I'd like the markings to be like the 776 TAS flew in 1972- end of unit. I have my favorite tail number, but what Large Letter markings were there, if any ? Thnx
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