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  1. Hi Jeff, e-mail me at [email protected] and i'll set you up with info.
  2. Gents, assuming you are referring to Propeller Intermediate Control Rod? However, there are more than one called "intermediate". Please provide the part number of the "intermediate" rod you are dealing with. 6794188 link Rod, intermediate or 6826842 Bellcrank, Intermediate. There are very clear instructions on how to inspect these in T.O. 2J-T56-56.
  3. I received Lars' latest edition. Having difficulties contacting Fredrik Olausson for payment. [email protected] does not work anymore. Can anyone provide a good e-mail address for Fredrik Olausson please? Thank you!
  4. HercInherit, I have a 23rd edition which I use daily and treasure. I would like to get a 30th. Can you send me your e-mail for coordination? Mine is [email protected] Thanks.
  5. Shola, have you purged the fuel like to the atomizer, just prior to starting? Checked in-line fuel filter PN 7507197?
  6. Wingtwister, if you still need one of these testers, you can e-mail me directly. We have them in stock. [email protected]
  7. Eliasafr, I was able to verify using LM Drawings. DWG. 388482, Note 9. 388482-1& -2 Similar to 380077-7 & -8. DWG. 380077, Note 9. 380077-1, -2 & -7&-8, Similar to 373014-1L & -1R. So this shows is a two-step link between your IPB PN 373014-X and the available PN 388482-X. You should be OK, but I recommend obtaining additional confirmation from your supplier.
  8. Recomendation: Upgrade propeller valve housing to Electronic Propeller Control. Better yet, Upgrade propeller system to MP-2000.
  9. Yes, I have the part number for that seal. It is not shown on the IPC portion of the 1C-130H-10. But I have it and I have the "make from". Call me.
  10. MAtteo, Did you find one yet? I can quote you this PN in Overhauled condition with tags from an FAA Repair Station. [email protected]
  11. Some additional details in parenthesis.. Legacy C130E/H APU model is GTCP85-180L, PNo 381116-1- 3/5/6/7/8/9 (OEM Lockheed production configuration) C130 APU upgrade model no GTCP85-180LE, PNo 381116-3 (Kellstrom Defense SHORT-POD(r) GTC-APU UPGRADE) L382 model no GTCP85-185L, PNo 381252-1-2. (FAA TSO Civil certified APU) C-130J/L-100J use GTCP85-185-L(A), (FAA TSO Civil Certified, electronically controlled APU)
  12. Check sensing line from safety and outflow to atmosphere. I've seen wasps block these with mud, resulting in similar havoc.
  13. Looks like a phishing expedition. Reminding all users that C-130 tech pubs are "controlled" data. Not to be sent to anyone without proper authorization. DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT - Distribution authorized to the Department of Defense and US DoD contractors only (Administrative or Operational Use) (1 February 2001). Questions concerning technical content should be directed to WR-ALC/LBR. Other requests for this document shall be referred to WR-ALC/LUTD, Robins AFB, GA 31098. WARNING - This document contains technical data whose export is restricted by the Arms Export Control Act
  14. This is correct and current. In addition, see more detailed brochures attached. We keep these turbines and heat exchangers in stock most of the time, and yes, they replace 203720 and 203430 series turbines, regardless of Aircraft Serial number. Also attached E2H ECS upgrade information, which is a more extensive retrofit up to a C-130H ECS System. More reliable, 230% more air flow, better pressurization, but also more expensive. C130_Pre_1974_ECS_Upgrade_Fact_Sheet.pdf C130 E2H ECS Upgrade fact sheet.pdf
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