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  1. D&D Enterprises, LLC (07KQ5) recently acquired HC-130H C/N 4931, USCG Registration 1790. If anyone knows of possible interested parties, send me an e-mail at [email protected] We can offer it as is or with a fresh PDM, OVH engines and props, etc. Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin Aircraft Company Aircraft Model Mil: HC-130H (Search and Rescue + Cargo) Aircraft Model Civ: 382C-22E Initial Delivery: July 1893 Aircraft Serial Number: Lockheed Construction Number 4931 Aircraft Registration: TBD Airframe Total Time: Approx 35,000 hrs (estimated) Replacement Center Wing Box Total Time: 18,590 CWB EBH: 14,895 EBH REM: 30,105 Replacement Outer Wing (Mfg 2009-2010 MEP) Total Time: 5921 Hrs. EBH: 11,404 EBH REM: 63,596 Airframe Severity factor: TBD Operated by US Coast Guard (Reg. # 1790) as long range Search and Rescue platform.
  2. Alaikum as-salam, MD Abu Sufian, My employer is Defense and Development Enterprises, LLC ("D&D"). We are the OEM for the Fairchild ATM system, PN 104901 and 102981 used on C-130A-Early H. We purchased the rights from Triumph Group in 2020. (see attached letter) D&D can support this system with spare ATM units or individual sub-components. From your description of the problems and steps taken, I think there are multiple hidden defects and internal wear which can only be effectively identified during a teardown of the system in the shop. We can offer an exchange ATM unit which comes with a 12 month warranty. My e-mail is [email protected]
  3. Md Abu Sufian, you need to clarify what is your question??
  4. This is a low-tech suggestion based on experience. Check the walkway non-skid applied to the top of the fuselage and wings in particular. If this is applied too thick, with an excessively rough texture, it will increase drag dramatically. I had to have painters remove and re apply non-skid paint for this very same reason.
  5. C-130 PDM inspections are governed by 1C-130A-6 Aircraft Scheduled Inspections and Maintenance Instructions, applicable to all C-130 aircraft. However, this manual only provides general descriptions of inspection requirements. It does not contain detailed procedures that can be followed. Each organization's production control and engineering must create their own procedures based on these requirements, based on inspection and maintenance practices contained in other applicable maintenance manuals.
  6. Replacement of sloping longeron per SRM 1C-130A-3, 53-199-00.
  7. These new, all digital TD Amplifiers Mfg by ABB Inc, replace all preceding part numbers on T56A-7, -15 and -16. Does anyone know the TCTO number under which USAF approved the installation of this TD Amp? DnD-ABB TD Amp Iginition Relay Upgrade sheet v1.4b.pdf
  8. Recommendation: Have the PGB inspected/repaired/tested/certified by a RR approved shop, including a warranty! and hold them accountable.
  9. A bit of a late response but we picked up a lot of Australian (ex-Qantas Defense) C-130 GSE, which is for sale. Email me if still interested. [email protected]
  10. Hi Jeff, e-mail me at [email protected] and i'll set you up with info.
  11. Gents, assuming you are referring to Propeller Intermediate Control Rod? However, there are more than one called "intermediate". Please provide the part number of the "intermediate" rod you are dealing with. 6794188 link Rod, intermediate or 6826842 Bellcrank, Intermediate. There are very clear instructions on how to inspect these in T.O. 2J-T56-56.
  12. I received Lars' latest edition. Having difficulties contacting Fredrik Olausson for payment. [email protected] does not work anymore. Can anyone provide a good e-mail address for Fredrik Olausson please? Thank you!
  13. HercInherit, I have a 23rd edition which I use daily and treasure. I would like to get a 30th. Can you send me your e-mail for coordination? Mine is [email protected] Thanks.
  14. Shola, have you purged the fuel like to the atomizer, just prior to starting? Checked in-line fuel filter PN 7507197?
  15. Wingtwister, if you still need one of these testers, you can e-mail me directly. We have them in stock. [email protected]
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