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  1. Hi Tinyclark, thank you for this information about these portholes. I think you have solved this "mystery". Thank you for your help. Laurent
  2. Hi Larry, I really appreciate your sense of humor! I'm going to publish these photos on the 317th TCG website, I have a lot of Veteran friends who worked on the C130 in the 60's. Thank you for your reply. Laurent
  3. Thank you for your comments.About your question, no i do not build an aircraft, but i'm looking for some little C130 A / B parts. Laurent
  4. Hi, Can you help me to identify these two Lockheed C130 aircraft parts?.And where these parts were located in the C130. These parts are for an old or current aircraft? Thank you so much for your help. Laurent
  5. Cérémonie arrivée du C130J et 30ans du C130Des vecteurs de communication représentant le C130J sont offerts aux invités.Le lundi 15 Janvier 2018, sur la base aérienne 123 d'Orléans-Bricy, une cérémonie est organisée pour célébrer l'arrivée du premier C130J français et les 30 ans du C130 au sein de l'Armée de l'Air. La cérémonie s'est déroulée en présence de Madame Florence Parly, Ministre des Armées, du Général d'Armée Aérienne André Lanata, Chef d'Etat-Major de l'Armée de l'Air, et de nombreuses autorités françaises, américaines et allemandes.
  6. Hello Metalbasher, in fact what is strange are the red and white bands on the rudder. Only this aircraft has worn this kind of markings.I think without being sure, that this marking is commemorative recalling the creation of this unit during the Second World War, and who was affected in the Pacific?
  7. Hello everyone, I would have liked to have explanations about these strange markings on the tail of this plane. Thanks for your help. Laurent.
  8. Hi Kevin, thank you for your quick response. Indeed the number of rivets is different, this is very explicit. So Kevin, the probability that it's a part of Lockheed C130 is by how much in percentage? Thank you. Laurent
  9. Hello everyone, I need help with these two American airplane portholes. They come from the former NATO Evreux air base. As you know, at that time, on this air base, there were Fairchild C119 then Lockheed C130. These two portholes are 34cm wide. The markings found are: 59 R 12 337501 337592 Hoping you could help me? Thank you so much. Laurent

    Need help

    Thank's Barry,I would try to find it!Have a pics of your model kit? Thank you. Laurent.
  11. [ATTACH=CONFIG]3858[/ATTACH]Dear Members,Cathy from France and I,wishe you a Wonderful Happy New Year.

    Need help

    Hi Jerry,thank you for your help,I believe to have see the OZMODS C130A conversion on E bay there's few times!If I can't find it I would tell you. Thank you Jerry. Laurent.
  13. This pics is before 1961,but it seems that was the only main gate,it' always here today,but not in use,on the right there's the AP barracks who is always here.[ATTACH=CONFIG]3850[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]3851[/ATTACH]
  14. Hi GVS,in front of it?[ATTACH=CONFIG]3842[/ATTACH]

    Need help

    Hi,for Chritmas,I received an Hercules C130J scale 1/72 in plastic kit,I would like transform it for a C130A model,I know there not very similar(propelers,wings tanks...)but what are external diference thru this two models,I'm looking for drawing or little plan of these two birds.I would like to show this model finished for our next exhibition on EFAB.May be you woud can help me? Thank you. Laurent.
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