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  1. Greetings, Do you have a photo of the damage? What failed after twelve cycles? The Repair Doubler?
  2. It wasn't that hard to do. Shoring the airplane was the hardest part. You need guys that are artists, not butchers to do the work.
  3. 382-28-24 Lightning Protection For Tanks With Wall Thickness Less Than 0.080 Inch
  4. Does anyone know of a service bulletin that calls out measuring the skin thickness of the one-piece external tanks? P/N 388236-1. I have three SFAR 88 SBs, not one of them specifies minimum thickness.
  5. How far behind the times am I? Can someone provide the latest change number and date?
  6. Thanks. I got it from the lower baffle drawing. And the Made From. Thanks.
  7. Does anybody know where I can get my hands on this? I have the H-10, but the 16W14-11-3 has more detail, specifically, identifying the part number for the seal that is above and aft of the scupper.
  8. When the bang starts in suck, squeeze, bang and blow.
  9. I've always used an engineering order for this as the -3 doesn't have a specific repair.
  10. The latest revision of the -3 has the Outer Wing Removal/Installation procedure deleted. Anybody know where I can get a copy of TO 1C-130H-2-00GE-00-1?
  11. Where can I find the spec. for the fabric that is used to cover the side lightening holes as well as those on the front spar? We used a cotton that would have EC-776 applied to it to make it moisture-resistant. But I can't find it in the TOs or any SMP. Any ideas?
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