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  1. I had been in the C-130H training before (in Alaska). At that time, SYNCH CIRCUIT was always PULL when the aircraft power was OFF. Is there any such procedure? If there's a procedure, why? I want you guys knowledge
  2. hi. Recently, an oil filter defect occurred in one engine continuously. I checked the filter and checked it out and found that the filter and support were purple. All the filters in the whole line were purple. Have you ever experienced this?
  3. Hello. C-130H mechanics! I have a question about C-130H prop' dynamic balancing. We are currently using the VXP equipment C-130H prop' balancing data collection is HSGI and 7000 in-lbs We performed a check both of which exceeded the limit(within 0.2 ips) However, reducing ips of 7000 in- lbs increases ips of HSGI Is it normal for HSGI's ips to go too high when ips is reduced to 7000 in-lbs? Can it be corrected inversely? If so, which section should IPS be based on?
  4. hello guys. i work on the c-130j. i am curious about the releationship between Np sensor and generator. while starting the engine, HDD displayed Np 'xxxx' and at the same time it indicated 'Gen Fail' ACAWS message. this problem disappeared after Np sensor exchange. is the failure of the Np sensor related th the generator(GCU)? i waiting for ur opinion!
  5. We exchanged ssv and the defect was resolved.
  6. We use the 'man on stand' when performing bleed air leaks checks How do you check? Is it convenient to use a thermal camera? Waiting for you answer!
  7. Hi. I have a question. Igniting state is called 'lightoff' What is the meaning and etymology of 'lightoff'? It is an engineering sense to describe ignition as 'lightoff' rather than 'light' Waiting for your answer!!
  8. Hello. In LSGI after engine start, tit, fuel flow, torque, rpm are the same for all engines However, when switching to hsgi, engine no.1 is higher than tit 100 degrees and ff is higher than 200 ppm(Torque and rpm are the same as other engines) And after 2 ~ 5 minutes, ff and tit decrease similar to other engines Symptoms appear only at first start-up and do not appear during second or subsequent operation(The morning outside temperature is about 0 to 5 degrees) I exchanged MFC and TD VALVE I checked TD Amp Test How are your opinions?
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