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South Vietnam "Feet on Ground" Proof


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I just got a call from my good buddy Stony Burk. Stony was with us in Galveston last week at the TCTAA convention and we convinced him he needs to file with the VA for possible Agent Orange and/or PTSD compensation. (Anyone who flew combat in Vietnam is as looney as Woody Woodpecker.) He called me yesterday and I told him that the VA is picky about proof. He called me just now all excited because he had found documentation. For one thing, although he didn't know it, he had kept copies of his travel vouchers which is definite proof and all anyone needs. But he had also found two other documents that are definite proof but which I personally had not thought about because I didn't need it due to having reenlisted at Cam Ranh. The other two documents are the In-Country Checkout lesson plan all crewmembers were required to complete before they could be assigned to operations in South Vietnam without an instructor and the other is the Certificate of Combat Sorties. Stony and I were both in F Troop at Clark but I assume the other Clark squadrons also provided the certificates while all C-130 crewmembers had to complete an in-country check out. So, if you're having trouble proving to the VA that you actually set foot in South Vietnam, check your training records for the lesson plan. If I'm not mistaken, the Certificate of Combat Sorties was also in the training record.

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