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throttle come forward in flight to flight


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I have seen this a few times. Different things have fixed it, from adjusting engine throttle cable tension to replacing springs inside the throttle quadrant. I would look at everything from the throttle all the way the to the propeller valve housing. Check the all cable tension, ensure your throttles are passing all pull checks, and inspect all bearings, turnbuckles, rod ends, and bushings. I have seen engine and propellers replaced and the issue continued. Don't be quick to call first thing you find wrong as the fix, take the time to inspect the whole system.

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This problem was previously discussed on this thread ...... in this one case, the

loose shaft was spotted by my apprentice. Seems if there is enough bumping

around, and you've done every other thing you can possibly think of you have

simply removed almost all system resistance, and even that small movement can

cause the throttle to creep

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