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Waco HC-130


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There were 12 HC-130B CG Hercs.

1339 Scrapped AMARC(remains to Charlotte A/C NC)

1340 AMARC to National Aircraft(Broken up at National)

1341 Lackland AFB (a trainer? maybe this is the one??)

1342 Davis Mothan (to National A/C Tucson Broken up)

1344 AMARC (to National A/C Tucson Broken up)

1345 AMARC (BAE Waco AMP Mock up)

1346 Cherry Point Load trainer, possibly scrapped?

1347 AMARC (National A/C Tucson Broken up)

1348 Buenois Aires derelict(?Interesting, last reported at Long Beach CA used as an AMP Mock up by Boeing)

1349 Broken up 1997 (by National A/C Tucson)

1350 Little Rock AFB (load trainer?)(Reported the same as 1351 below)

1351 Was a medivac trainer at Westover AFB, now Western Aviation( Cockpit reported as simulator at Reflectone in Tampa FL. Fuselage in Western International Yard Tucson)

(Notes in () by Bob Daley from Lars Olausson and National)

1348 was reused by the USAF after we dropped it off at MASDEC (my only trip there)

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Bob, Thanks for the detailed updates. My info came from the excel spread sheet dated in 2007 and foggy memories. Nice to see the old hardware put to good use.

Our 1603 airframe was broken apart at Elizabeth City, NC. The 1601 and 1602 are still in storage (?). The plan was to use the 1603 cockpit for an in-house prototype for our own AMP.

Fond memories of the \"B\" model.

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