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  1. Does anyone know the identity of the ex USCG HC-130B fuselage which sits at Waco/TSTC please? It has been there since at least Oct99, and was still present in Sep06. There can\'t be many candidates. Regards, Andy Marden
  2. Does anyone know what happened to 64-0534, the fuselage of which used to be in instructional use at Elmendorf, marked as 1685 I think? Last report I had of it was in June 99. Regards, Andy Marden
  3. Bob, Thanks, very useful. Can anyone at Little Rock give me a \"last noted\" date for the three loadmaster trainers please? I suspect you are correct that 539 and 830 were scrapped. There is one visible on Google Earth just in the trees east of the main ramp. I went looking for it a couple of weeks ago and it certainly wasn\'t there. Regards, Andy
  4. On the subject of withdrawn C-130s at Little Rock, does anyone know what happened to these, most of which were in instructional use I believe: 56-0539 Lockheed C-130A Nov03 62-1830 Lockheed C-130E dumped Jul98 63-7820 Lockheed C-130E fuselage Jul98 64-0524 Lockheed C-130E fuselage Jul98 68-10949 Lockheed C-130E fuselage Jul98 The dates are the \"last seen\" dates I have for them. The fuselages were in buildings I believe. Thanks, Andy Marden
  5. All eight were still at Marietta in early November 2007. Andy Marden
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