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    First worked F-15's with the MOANG, then KC-135's with the ILANG before falling in love with the C-130 with the WVANG in Charleston WV. My first C-130 was 88-1307, then 94-6707.
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  1. Just read that St. Joe is suppose to get the H3's from Minneapolis. http://www.139aw.ang.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123288785
  2. That's 125 C-130's moving around (that's my quick horrible math, so it might be off). Does that make since?
  3. Good thing for Charlie West is one of their birds went to AMP, maybe they just won't get it back leaving eight in WV, not seven? Sad to see good units like St. Joe and Dallas loosing their birds.
  4. I thought I read that the F-15 unit is the aggressor unit from Nellis the 65th? Also heard C-17s for Martinsburg. Someone said MC-130s for Charlie West? Wouldn't that be something... They used to be SOF back with the C-119.
  5. I wonder if West Virginia will loose it's C-5s or its C-130s? I hope neither, but if the one flying wing per state is true?
  6. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Thailand---Air/Lockheed-Martin-C-130H/2051459/L/ I saw this picture today. Bummer! How much work do you think would be involved to get these two flying again?
  7. Oh, I take it back, we did have them, but still don't know what it is.
  8. Okay, silly question, but as I worked on H2's and H3s, we didn't have this antenna. What is the step antenna on both sides of the vertical tail? It's kind of towards the front.
  9. I remember my first drill weekend with the 130th AW. MY boss said "here comes your plane". She was on final and her anti-skid was inop, and she blow her right aft main tire on the runway. First day on the job and got to jack up the plane and change the tire on the runway while the civilian birds flew in circles waiting. That was 88-1307 BTW.
  10. We have some friends who live on base and their roof was ripped off. Thankfully they were gone at the time. I hope everyone else is okay.
  11. I don't think it's been two, just the one. 91-0304.
  12. UH-1D USAR F-15A/B MOANG KC-135E ILANG C-130H2/H3 WVANG I also had a two year run at Boeing as a Flight Mechanic working on the F-15E, S, and I models, F/A-18E/F and AV-8B and the T-45.
  13. You know, the main thing I ever did was to try and make things easier. We would have the bird nice and toasty on those cold days, things clean and belts ready for simple strapping in. We put a hook on the back of the pilot seat for the FE to hang his bag off of. One thing we always did was to strap in the chalks for the Load while he was outside doing engine start. Whatever we could do we would, and it usually payed off. Once while broke in Turkey for a valve housing change the AC bought us lunch and delivered it to us. Back in the day when I worked fighters, the only ones who would help out when you were working your a$$ off were other crewchiefs. I didn't even experience the "Herky lovin'" when I was on tankers, which was supposed to be a tight crew. I miss the Herk. Good times.
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