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  1. With the doors aligned on jacks, then the acft lowered to the ground, they never seemed to be aligned !!
  2. Chk for loose sealing, hi press bleed valves Jack................
  3. I go along with pjvr99 on tis one.. I recall the same troubles and it was remedied with a torque shaft replacement.. Good luck
  4. HercMX


    I noticed that Google Earth has updated it's photos... Now the old ammo area to the northwest has been turned into large golf course.. 834 AD is gone.. Charlie Row is nearly gone Jack.......
  5. Some one please answer the man's question!! Jack..........
  6. Your right, Larry... I saw my mistake soon after posting.. Jack...
  7. Mil Spec 7808 was the hyd fluid of choise 'til the early 80's... It would burn and the new stuff didn't..............
  8. Check C130 database at top of page.. Two 847s .. A 61 and a 63 model Good luck... Jack...
  9. Bill, All that's on the back is "Sept '70".... The same pictures I've posted....(USAF product) The picture with me has no date at all... (BX photo shop) The wife was there the second week of Oct '70.. (Found hotel bill, VNP 15000) I think I made two, maybe three trips to the site with tools and parts... Didn't get to see the blow job... I would like the name of the base and tail number if you ever get it figured.. (90 deg. and clear here today) Thanks for the memories.. NanJac...........;-)
  10. I will dig thru the pictures again to see if the photos were dated.. The wife came to Saigon in the fall of '70... She says I talked about the job while there.. Give me a few days to dig............ NanJac.........
  11. Bill Lang.... I was part of the recovery crew from TSN.. We scabbed over the damaged area after removing most loose parts and if I remember right, it was "buddy started" and sent to the PI.. GTC and most of the hardware was removed, lines capped, tires changed and gear chained dn .. #1 had a prop blade blended.. #2 had fuel/oil lines damage.. The grayed image has me talking with the AP.. No hat.. I went on several recovery.. Yours was the most damage.. Almost suggested burning it.. What was the base and tail number of acft?? I pestered the VA until I got 10% for tinnitus. Mine was based on 20yrs flt line .. Jack DePue, Panama City Fl.
  12. Shear shaft may not be floating.. Check lube.. Wear. Jack.......
  13. I'm betting on bleed valves being wet.... With smoke in cabin...... Jack...........
  14. SPEAKING GERMAN IN TEXAS In Texas there is a town called New Braunfels , where there is a large German-speaking population. One day, a local rancher driving down a country road noticed a man using his hand to drink water from the rancher's stock pond.
  15. Think "density altitude"... The engine needs all the air it can get at altitude......... Jack
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