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  1. It's a though nut to crack, this one... requested Lockheed as Marshall to help keep you posted KR bob
  2. hello C-130 World, 1st During flight, crew noticed an issue with the elevator, needing more force input to stay level. 2nd During flight, crew noticed an issue with the aileron, needing more force input to roll out (they were in a turn). After aborting the mission and turning back, they also noticed more force needed to move the rudder. Controllability check was performed and crew landed normally. history tells us that the technicians mixed H515 with H537 hydraulic oil, the percentages can not be defined. the whole mechanical system is checked, cable tension ect... motion was checked and free of any rubbing hydraulic system will be flushed and all filters will be replaced oil sampling done, no abnormalities found, no debris found.... any other suggestions? should we look into the mix of both hydraulic oils? viscosity ==> pressure issues per inch² thx4coop, BOB
  3. gents, take into account when replacing or reinstalling the fuel nozzles it self with a protecting cap! this will prevent damage to the threat size of the nozzle and leaking of course :-) KR bob
  4. Hello C-130 world, just out of curiosity, why does the C-130 have a left and right brake pedal (pilot - and co-pilot side)?? the best 2017 to ya all herkya400m
  5. hello C130 world, we had recently on a C-130 a lightning strike, except the usual inspection cards, are there any other inspections needed extra on your opinion. KR, Herky400M
  6. C-130World, we have an engine who indicated low performance on the test stand: the turbine and compressor have the almost the same Flight Hours, -power performance 96.7%, compressor EST 117 psi / OBS 114psi ==> so normal zone. 2nd attempt brand new overhauled turbine full potential, same compressor as above but the results were very bad 92.7% power performance, compressor Compressor perf done with CDP ESt 107Psi/CDP OBs 114 Psi Result : Compressor LOW ZONE. Power performance: OAT 55°f BARO 29.97inHg TORQUE 19115 inLB TIT 1050°C result 92,7% hmm, Question why suddenly low zone compressor and why suddenly low performance has anyone heard if the graphs are reviewed to calculate the compressor performances? best regards HERKY400M
  7. Gents, we have 8 different engines, 3 were installed and removed on/of the aircraft only 378 FH one of the affected ones : last repair 15228 FH @ SOR (source of repair), overhauled @12298 FH ( total FH 15761 (1690,0 cycles) we are a little bit in the dark here BR bob
  8. To PJVR, can you tell us how many cycles the rejected spacer had and what Part number they have. To the C-130 world, any other information is very welcome, we have a 7th cracked casing thx4coop bob
  9. C-130 world, we are experiencing a lot of problems with the Turbine rear bearing support casing cracks. on several occasions (6) the casing is cracked near the mount clamp of the tail pipe, at the had band or between the had band and mount clamp Does any of you guy's experiencing the same issue. Does anyone have any suggestions why? AD info: turbine boroscope done no cracks on 1st stator prop is dynamically balanced no discrepancies of pilots/FE concerning special issues on the defective engine any help is welcome, meanwhile we will look into the this problem aswel. best regards Herky400M
  10. P, thx 4 the answer, do you use any TO or guideline, or is this purely out off experience. I know that every approach is personal and I look at a certain way to this and some else approaches it from his:her way. are there standard samples? how do you manage this. best regards Bob
  11. Hello C-130 world, how do you guy's measure the magnetic pick-ups,(RGB & Accessory drive) what's the tolerance of debris what is the restriction what is the interval reference documents special requirements (debris meter / microscope) ect... thx Herky400M
  12. hello C-130world, during 1 of our missions, an engine was wet of oil on its acceleration bleedports. After an engine change, engine was tested on the test bed and we changed about everything, but still a flood of oil in the torque shaft housing and through the compressor, again wet bleeds. we changed the scavenge pump on the accessory, we changed the checkvalves on RGB and Accessory gearbox.... we follwed the guidelines of the service news vol15n°2, still the same issue What we didn't change, due to time consuming and not possible while hanging on the METS (test stand) is the RGB suspect the failures of nose and main scavenges pump... any other suggestions... internal leak? a cracked internal diffuser scavenge tube??(can we check this with a borscope?) best regards Herky400M
  13. first of all I wish the whole community a nice and healthy 2016 A question, related to the power performance; what is the difference between a bare engine on a test stand an engine in a nacelle on a test stand an engine on wing installation effect? measurements? other influences? weather, wind, humidity ...... thx for coop, bob
  14. like PJ stated.... go out and explore, read the aircraft form and try to look for a solution for yourself, than compare it with the solution written and don't forget to ask the old dogs for advice C-130 is not a Pandora's box but sometimes it is black magic for any question we are here to help! HERKY400M
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