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On ‎11‎/‎23‎/‎2009 at 8:09 PM, Shadow said:

I was at Clark when Bullwinkle was there. The story that was related to me was that 72-1297 had taxied in and they were to load the Blu 82 with the engine running and get out of there. The Blu 82 was nowhere to be found, so the (Kadena ?) crew shut down and went into Ops. That was when they nailed 1297.


I flew that plane several times at Little Rock. That was the cleanest C-130 I had ever seen. It was the CCs baby. He didn't like writeups, so you just had to leave him a note and he would bend over backwards to get you what you needed. Oh, and you better leave the cargo compartment as clean as you found it. After 1297 was blown up they gave him a crappy '64 E model.

Shadow, it is interesting how stories get garbled on the retelling.  I was the nav on 1297.  We landed and taxied to the hazardous cargo offloading area on the north side of the field where we offloaded the BLU-82s.  I do not recall if we shut down engines or not, but I can imagine it was an engine running download.  We then taxied to the south taxiway and were headed to pick up evacuees when we were hit on the taxiway.

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