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Servo/non-servo valve housings

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Wonder if anyone out there has the following info:

Valve housings fitted to outboard props of commercial/L100/L382 aircraft PNo should

end with 855, while inboards can be 855, or -3 or -7. I am looking for the SB, AD, or

any other reference for this



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I am not at home right now, so I don\'t have access to the company technical library, but the requirements for our valve housings have noting to do with dash numbers. We can use the non-servo governors (582855)regardless of dash numbers on all four propellers of the aircraft. The servo-governor valve housing part numbers start with a 7 instead of a 5, and we are permitted to use them only on inboard propeller positions. The last time I was up at Hamilton Sundstrand, I asked their tech reps about this requirement. They did not put a lot of stock into this determination, but they can do nothing to change it.

Perhaps an internet search would yield a bulletin or something that gives an official read on it, but I don\'t currently have it with me.

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