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Has anyone been to Indonesia in awhile?

At one time they had 30 Herks.

I have not seen anything on them in awhile.

I just got an e mail that said they thought their first B, A-1301 3546 had been scrapped.

Last report I had on that one was it was damaged in 1987 and never flew again, stored at Bandung.

Can anyone update the Indonesian Herks?



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No real info here but I was at Melang in 94 with the 1st SOS. One of their Herks was on jacks in the hangar we were working out of. It had been stripped like a Caddy in the hood(Can bird). It hadn't flown in 10 years.

They had a Herk there with refueling pods. I came taxiing by us one day with fuel pouring out of the right pod. Wasn't sure it was fuel untill we smelled it.

Sorry Bob, no tails for you. I don't even remember if they were B's or E's.

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