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Tail 0003,Whiskey Model


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Just made tail #0003, still needs props and another trip to the paint barn.

0001 is MIA between Hurlburt and Cannon, made it (Thanks Chad for the help!!) and gave it to the Lockheed guys at the 19th SOS on behalf of the first MC-130W class to come through (hahaha, get it Whiskey Model...). Heard it was pretty popular down there...

0002 is in the heritage room at the 73rd SOS at Cannon, made that in my billeting room while doing the flying training at Cannon....all by hand, needs a re-furb. I made it out of pine, not oak, doesn't look as good, but, didn't exactly have a woodshop in my billeting room and pine is a lot softer than oak

0003 is a gift for a friend of mine

gotta make myself one sometime.....

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What happen to tail # 001 and 002.?

001 has the "props", it's either at Hurlburt Field or Cannon. Did a SIM at Hurlburt a few weeks ago, site managers secretary said someone "stole" it. Haven't seen it at Cannon, but heard its out here

002 is at Cannon, its sitting alert on the bar at the 73rd. 100% hand made, a surform, coping saw and miter box. It's a little rough....gonna get ferried back to my house and get a good ISO and re-furb here soon.

Suppose these two could be the "Y" Whiskey Models, 003 is little more reformed and sturdier than those two. Made the first one as a gift, no measuring tape, a friends garage woodshop (Chad Taylor, thanks again!), a few beers, (actaully got to the point that a "few" beers dictated the table saw be left OFF/unplugged for our hand's sake). They're fun to make, people seem to dig them, actually have a had a few requests for purchases.

pics might be rough, but here they are.....

001 actaully had externals and refueling hoses extended. Hoses were a cool and unique touch, but they didn't make the car ride from Navarre to Hurlburt on graduation day. I leave the externals off...they clutter up the wing to much, besides, it's just a fun model

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