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  1. No maintenance? We don't get treated that bad... Ok we do. But that's what makes it fun!!! J/K Congrats to the both of you.
  2. K thanks. It was all 16th when I was there.
  3. I haven't been there since the re-org, but isn't that Eglins MXS? Formerly 16MXS?
  4. Have fun is all I can say. We did it at Eglin once... Not a fun task
  5. is it on taxi or take off? If on take off, is Nose wheel armor installed? We had one that the armor was sagging on one side and gave a shimmy. didn't really think to look at first because the armor was already tore up from the wheels.
  6. good call on the AFTO 22. If you need help reviewing it before sending to your PIM, shoot it over to me. AFTO 22's have been my job for the last 3 years...
  7. I found myself performing a preflight inspection rather than watching what was going on in the movie... Is that bad?:D
  8. Damn!!! that's a high cutoff... What do you do? F.E.?
  9. The system they have now is different. I tested in March. Got my result today. I have to wait until my line number is called, then I sew on. They promoted a total of 7,724 out of 37,172 eligible. In my AFSC 2A5X1(Heavies Crew Chief) 318 of 1,333 were promoted. My line number is 6,392. So, I plan on May-June of 2010 for sew on.
  10. Thanks, I hear some Soju calling my name... Too bad I have to wait a year to sew on.
  11. cool pics. I would love to see one of those going down the road
  12. AFAIK, all AFSOC aircrew has to be on regular 130's prior to getting "picked up". This is coming from a maintainer however. But when I was AFSOC, all LM's came from other 130 bases prior, and an FE explained that that was how it would work if I were to cross-train. Something like 2 years on slicks, then I could put in for an assignment. Hope this helps...
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