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    Always have and always will be an avionics technician, but started out as Navigation Systems Repairman

    1955 to 1974, Air Force Brat, lived in England, New Mexico, Kansas, California, Thailand, Germany and Idaho.
    Graduated Bitburg American High School-1973

    1974 to 1975, AB/AIC, Keesler Technical Training School, Navigation Systems

    1975 to 1976, AIC-SGT, Khorat RTAFB, Thailand; F4D, A7D, AC130H Gunship. Flightline/ In shop: APN59.

    1976 to 1977, SGT, Hill AFB, UT; F4D. Flightline/ In shop: APX42? IFF & APX76 SIF

    1977-1981, SGT-SSGT, Rhein-Main AB, Germany; C130E, MC130E, C9A, C141, T39 Flightline/ In shop: APN59, APQ122(V)1 & (V)8 RADARs, APN169 SKE, ARN14 VOR, ARN52 TACAN, ARN6 ADF, ARN118 TACAN.

    1981-1982, SSGT, Norton AFB, CA, C141, T39 Flightline/ In Shop: APN59 RADAR, APN169 SKE, Wilcox 806A & Bendix 51R6 VORs, ARN118 TACAN.

    1982-1985, TSGT (Air Reserve Technician), Norton AFB, CA; C141, T39 Flightline/ In Shop: APN59 RADAR, APX64 IFF, APN169 SKE, Wilcox 806A & 51R6 VORs, ARN118 TACAN, APS133 Color RADAR, APN171 RAD ALT.

    1985-1989, WL-11, Civilian Work Leader, Norton AFB, CA; C141 Flightline/ In Shop: APN59 RADAR, APX64 IFF, APN169 SKE, Wilcox 806A & 51R6 VORs, ARN118 TACAN, APS133 Color RADAR, APN171 RAD ALT, ARC186 VHF, ARC164 UHF

    1989-1992, AFETS, Norton AFB, CA; C141 Flightline/ In Shop: APN59 RADAR, APX64 IFF, APN169 SKE, Wilcox 806A & 51R6 VORs, ARN118 TACAN, APS133 Color RADAR, APN171 RAD ALT, ARC186 VHF, ARC164 UHF

    1992-1998, AFETS, Pope AFB, NC; C130E Flightline/ In shop, all systems.

    1998-2001, AFETS, Elmendorf AFB, AK; C130H Flightline/ In shop, all systems.

    2001-2007, AFETS, Ramstein AB, Germany; C130E Flightline/ In shop, all systems until shop closure, which is one of the dumbest decisions I had seen since they split the flightline and shop.

    2007-2011, AFETS, Moody AFB, GA; HC130P, C130E
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  1. It is named the Pressure test fitting in the TO and I can't find any real info on using it. The old 1C-130B-2-10 shows the fitting, but the book is not specific about hooking it up. This was back in the day when knowledge was handed down. It says to use an air cart though. "d. Start the MA-1A and pressurize the bleed air manifold." Suffice it to say, it was probably put there for manufacturing purposes to check the aircraft before any power was put on it to run the GTC.
  2. Try the rear beam of the Center Wing at right Wing Station 10, Water Line 264. If not there, contact Foreign Military Sales at Warner Robbins.
  3. Still hard to troubleshoot with an unknown system.
  4. As they're such old TCTOs, I don't have that info.
  5. Year and tail number, type of autopilot. please. What parts have been changed? What has been checked?
  6. The 130H-4-15-1 shows support equipment IPB. Support equipment is listed in the 130H-2-2.
  7. I would ensure the 28V is getting to the power supply on pin B, as well as the ground on pin A, which is aircraft bonded. Also, the ground for the transmitter and indicators are tied to one aircraft ground. Since all four are affected, I would insurepower is good to everything before I started with anything else.
  8. While I appreciate the kind input of my helpfulness, it has been a while. Definitely do what n1dp said, check the altitude inputs. Antenna lines have cause very weird problems. They can be checked using a RFLTS. If the problem seems at exactly 10k feet, it really would be an altitude malfuntion. I need to look at some old books to see if there is a missing signal on one of the inputs that would cause this.
  9. Merry Christmas. I stole the pic too! Tiny
  10. Late 90's or early 2000's. I know it came out when I was in Alaska, 98-01. There wasn't a TCTO issued for it that I know of, it was just used as an alternate antenna. It was mounted in the same holes that the old antenna used. It got rid of the corrosion problem caused by the copper band on the old antenna mounting surfaces.
  11. Really glad you solved this one. I found out the aircraft was at Youngstown from my buddy, Joel. I think he may be your SCNS rep. I really do wish I had more experience on the newer birds. I retired in 2011 before the J models arrived at Moody. Keep up the good work. I miss sinking my teeth into a good problem now and then. Tiny
  12. Yes, the synchrophaser was installed by TCTO 1C-130-936 or 1095 when the props were modified. Don't know what they had before that.
  13. I am still looking at the books. Can't see power causing this since everything works unless the ALT Hold is set to ON. A few more questions... When this started 4-5 months ago, was any peculiar work done on the aircraft right before it started happening? Were all boxes swapped between two aircraft or from supply? Was the Acceleration sensor changed out? Doesn't that feed both systems?
  14. Yes, that antenna is no longer available. The aircraft was modified using two blade antennae. The information is in 1C-130H-4-34-1, section 4 Fig 9. It may be easier to get some from a retired aircaft in AMARG. If you need more info, let me know.
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