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    Actually, the ring segement would probqbly be right under the panel, though I don't know why they would mark it there.
  2. The front of the nacelle went to FS 399.05 on A models and 389.05 on E models, so 10 inches shorter.
  3. tinyclark


    Someone was screwing around, This goes on the ring segment at FS 165. Funny they taped over it when they painted at depot. "It ain't my job to remove it." It's been a while since I've been on an airplan, but I swear I've seen them before on the overhead panel. Tiny
  4. tinyclark


    On the overhead panel? About where? Picture?
  5. Maybe check the Lockheed News issues for better pics.
  6. Always goes to show you how accurate the books are.
  7. Good luck, I found nothing in the books. If it were an accurate model, it wouldn't have them since the system was removed many moons ago. You may have the best pic of them. That tail # isn't even on the list of the seven aircraft that was supposed to have it, according to the GS-25-1.
  8. Are you talking about the tank itself, or the support pylon. The pylon is in 130H-4-51-1, section 52-20-1, Fig 1 If you mean the tail cone on the tank itself, that would be in TO series 6J14 series. I don't have access to those.
  9. 130H-4-28-1, 28-10-00, Fig 6 612 2400-75-21.12 00624 . . . STRAP 612.1 2402-75-400SH 00624 . . . STRAP 613 373691-4 98897 . . . PAD, LOWER 614 373691-3 98897 . . . PAD, UPPER
  10. I don't know, unless it's a training situation and the trainer is making sure the loader is in sync with everything going on.
  11. An IPB with Fig and Index would help. I'm just an avionics toad.
  12. If that is the case, how do engines in supply get modifed? If I could still access the TCTO/TO system, I could probably tell you. Eveything I have is over 10 years old.
  13. Any fix would have to be approved by the engineers at WRALC.
  14. Can't help you there, I am sure they have their own books that maintenance squadrons aren't privy to, probably more like work cards.
  15. Good luck, you could always find some domes and make the hole thing. These could easily be painted on the inside. https://www.cobeads.com/p-1824986-decorative-glass-dome-cloche-cover-bell-jar-clear.html?currency=USD&msclkid=72aedbcdb5e213e7c30bba8c99b571d1&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=EN-(US)Shopping Ads&utm_term=4582627042421697&utm_content=All Products
  16. Should be in a supplement to the 2J-T56 series T.O.s. If it is a commodity TCTO, it won't have a C-130 TCTO number.
  17. I couldn't anything in my info on that blade part number.
  18. Sorry, don't have any experience on the J models, or any tech data. What base are you at? I don't know if there are any relays involved in the DC system on those birds, but if there are, swap two of them. I would also check the AC input connections to the TRs.
  19. I remember we had a hydromite at Moody and Ramstein, but don't remember periodic draining. There's nothing in the old 130A-06 that says anything about it. Of course, I was the avionics guy.
  20. Looking at the picture and the question, the one that fits and doesn't leak. Why not use the IPB?
  21. Been there, done that way too many times.
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