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  1. 2mike

    SN: 4132

    Hello Anyone knows where this C-130 is located @ the moment? Mike
  2. Thx for this info. Do you know if it can be demodified to the standaard configuration? Mike
  3. Tiny Not the TR , but the donuts at the generator feeder cables M
  4. Hello i'm looking for TO1C-130-1899 and TO1C-130-1914, an old not update version will do. Also a copy of TO1C-130H-2-7 , i hope to find in this why the high boosted current transformers are used ( SN 4047 ). Can somebody help me with this? Mike
  5. Hello, I was wondering that someone has some photo of this bird during action. This aircraft is now being converted to a C130H and will fly end of 2008. Many thanks
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