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  1. Is it possible to retain Flight Engineer (FE) and Navigator (NAV) positions in a modified C-130H with an updated Flight Management System (FMS)?
  2. Thank you for your reply. I also found it on our 1C-130H-2-10 PAGE3-3, but there is still no way to use it. I heard our senior maintenance staff said that it does not use any engine or APU. In this case, use a cabin pressure truck to test the fuselage pressure.
  3. Does anyone know the use of this device in C-130H? I asked a senior before that this is the position where the fuselage is pressurized when the aircraft leaves the original factory. Is this correct?
  4. The tires will stop after spinning in the air, and the brakes will have no effect in the air
  5. 為什麼溫度控制檢查的TIT要油門前推至910℃?再繼續程序? 為什麼是910℃? 謝謝~
  6. 檢查APU後方的BLEED AIR的瓣體跟電門試試
  7. 螺旋槳內部的襯套有間隙沒有測量或金屬疲勞
  8. 檢查不對稱剎車控制器的線路,通常高海拔冷、濕氣造成
  9. 跟壓力高度、場溫、溫度控制器的啟動限制都有關係
  10. 在-130B-6CF-1有CROSSOVER以上TIT的最小修正量是15℃,但不知道60℃的出處在哪邊?但以前學習的時候就有聽過60℃是最大修正量這個講法
  11. 應該是啟動機壞了,遵循啟動機的啟動限制跟維護保養...
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