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  1. Hi everybody, Can anyone guide how to interpret Remote Electronic Unit (REU6100) fault codes made by Becker-Avionics? Thank you
  2. RN-7 (EuroAvionics) requires add-on SATCOM module along with Iridium sim for voice & data exchange through iridium satellites. Subscription is also required for said purpose. What is the specific problem you are facing?
  3. Few more questions: 1. Does it really paint ground or there may be some permanent targets upto some permanent elevation? In this case your radom may have some moisture accumulated inside which needs to be replaced. 2. External system providing stabilization data to the radar also needs to be verified. 3. You may place some sort of spacers (washers) under lower bolts of the antenna pedestal to elevate radar beam but aircraft leveling also to be ensured before this shortcut.
  4. Make & Model of your Radar? In such case leveling of the Radar pedestal is also to be verified. Regards
  5. Dear, I have a question regarding AN/APN-59 Wxr Radar problem. I m facing a flying deffect since 1 week. "RADAR STAB FUCTION IS U/S. ANTENNA PAINTS GROUND WITH STAB SWITCH ON." When i worked on this deffect i observed that after 30 minutes of STAB operation, the gyro of CN-221 (Stab Data Gen) became un-balanced in roll aprroxmiately 10 degrees. After verifying the aircraft wiring i found that ROLL ERECT information wire was broken from the plug. I soldered it back. Next i put the system ON and checked AC voltage on TB-3 and 21 in J/Box-2. 115VAC remained available till the STAB DATA energized. When it energized said voltages dropped to 433 mVAC. Here i am confused, i think 115VAC should not drop to 0 but it should be 35VAC after the energizing of STAB DATA GEN. If it is so then what i should do next???
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