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00-25-4 Table 1-2.

WR-ALC Aircraft:

C-130E/H (PACAF) 54 months

MC-130E, AC-130H 54 months

NC-130A, MC-130H, WC- 130H, MC-130P, AC-130U 60 months

LC-130H, HC-130N/P 69**/*** months

NC-130H, EC-130E, EC-130H, C- 69*** months

130E, C-130H

C-130J, CC-130J, EC-130J, WC-130J 69* months

* Extension inspection at 44-51 months.

** Thirty (30) month Mid-interval inspection on ACC and AFRC HC-130N/P aircraft (Command Option).

*** Initial PDM not to exceed 180 months (15 Yrs) from aircraft acceptance date - (Aircraft Data Plate).

**** F-15E models cum E210 and up should begin PDM not later than 8 years from delivery, and thereafter maintain

a 6 year cycle.

1C-130A-6 has requirements for extending PDM and 00-20-1 has requirments for symbol entries in the 781A.

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to clarify intervals
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