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Milestone Mission in the Desert


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The FE, Nick, good for him...old friend of mine.

2065, saved that thing from Bagram a few years ago. Went on a MRT for #2 sparking out the tailpipe.....turned into #2 eng, #4eng, #4prop change, we take off, right main gear won't retract, land, wait for a hydro MRT

#2; missing a turbine blade, #4 eng; pulled a chunk of metal the size of your pinky off a RGB mag plug, prop; standard, leaking.

Hydro shows up, so we jacked the, plane swung the gear, swapped the motor good to go.

At this point the FE almost got a torque wrench to the head, they're about to start up to get out of there (10 days later), I tell the FE to hit airstart, #1 isn't in ground idle..

FE; "sure thing man, what for? oh ok I'll do it"

I jump on, take my red seat in the back, here comes the loadie;

"chief, (I was an engine troop)#1 won't start..."

me; "Eng...did you hit airstart?"

Dumbass FE; "no, I looked at it, looked like ground idle to me"

me; "well look again....just hit air start, crew chief left it in flt idle after doing the prop service cks"

Dumbass FE; "how do I know it didn't move itself when we hit start switch....."

me; "are you trying to stay here, I told you a while ago to move the blades, and I told you why they were where they are at...."

Dumbass FE; "well....OK"

Pilot hits airstart, crew runs checklist we go back to the deid.

#1 rear bearing support was F'ed when we landed...#3 was changed a week later for missing turbine blades

other than that, OK plane, actually got to fly on it after becoming an FE, Alpha 1

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I got many hours on 74-2065. Once while flying at Pope (TDY) we hit a vulture right below the pilots kick window. It bounced back and hit the #2 intake then hit right behind the left aft wheel well. That crease is still in the fuselage and if you hit the light just right you can see it. That was in 1995. Harumph for the 317th being constantly deployed for 7 years straight and counting. Harumph to the 40th, my first flying squadron1994-2000. Too bad the Nav's and Engineers are on life support at Dyess.

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