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  1. Bob, looks like it's a Field Operations Trainer (FOT), produced by a company named Nebula Group, USA. They have a Facebook page with photos and stories of the many locations of their FOTs, I couldn't see a tail number though of the this particular plane before modification.
  2. In my search for photos, I came across a two websites with quite a few Herk photos, all years and models: http://www.aviationphotocompany.com/p392037361/h63E4281B#h7d05bbda -- 405 photos here http://www.fencecheck.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=179&t=23191&sid=74b7c29f4207468695dad8f413fdc926 And this website with a ton of information involving all things C-130s: http://www.uswarplanes.net/c130.html
  3. Bob, the 48th deactivated on 1 October and the 62d is now the sole C-130J FTU at LR. There are no other AETC flying units on the J side and as you mentioned, the 154 TRS (ANG) still has the H model FTU mission. I believe it's the 327 AS (913 AG) that is the AFRC C-130J unit there.
  4. Here's a wealth of information on all things tail codes: http://www.c-130.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=74&t=51257&p=348377
  5. AMC has released their investigation results: http://www.amc.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123472467&source=GovD#.VxFc2-ermMU.facebook Full AIB reports located on the right side: http://www.amc.af.mil/mediacenter.asp
  6. I am sure this has something to do with the USAF's fuel savings initiatives but a lot more to LM's ability to market the Civilian L100-J as "more efficient" and ultimately worth the price the end user will eventually be paying. And also, it's another way to tell that there definitely no flight engineers on board.
  7. Here's another picture from Flightaware from a few days ago: https://flightaware.com/photos/view/137268-4b9658b8bdb25d8b25d1677ef6bda7022484331f/staffpicksmonth/sort/date/page/1
  8. I thought I remember hearing that the H2.5 added the flush toilet. I am certain there may be other mods as well but that's the one I remember.
  9. Bob, are these the three that went to Patrick?
  10. What info are you looking for exactly?
  11. I would contact the Public Affairs office of the C-130 base nearest the location of the flyover. Most flyovers have been cancelled due to the sequestration and other cost saving measures. I will do some more searching for official AF guidance. Let me know if I can get you any phone numbers you may need.
  12. I am going to guess he/she is stationed at Little Rock. I think most of the planes going to MT and CT are former LR H-1s and they may be doing the tail flashes at LR prior to delivery.
  13. loadsmith


    The uniform is called the MultiCam or the Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OCP). I wore them for my last deployment and it was quite nice to be able to remove the top. It's helps in the summer in A-Stan and the rules are the same as the one piece. The difference between the ground and flight version is the addition of the knife pocket and you do not blouse your pants over your boots. They are mainly only worn while deployed, although some CCT/PJ type folks will wear them during training. I am not sure if we will ever switch to these as our main uniform, the current ABU is not too popular. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MultiCam
  14. loadsmith


    Are you talking about or Obama or George W. Bush? All you have to do is Google "George W. Bush Substance abuse" and you will see that he had the same demons in his closet as the current president. I am not a big fan of politicians in general but if you call one man out you have to know the others were just as guilty and we trusted them just the same.
  15. loadsmith


    I think many people will have an issue because of the current president, an example being the Sheriff in SC who is making the news for not wanting to comply. President Bush ordered the Nation's Flags flown at half staff in 2005 when Pope John Paul II passed away, how many people had a issue with his decision back then?
  16. Bob/Casey, not too sure how often you guys check Airliners.net but there are quite a few AMARG/boneyard photos that have been added. I remember the sh*tstorm that developed before when using someone's photos so I will only provide the link, boneyard pics start on page two. An HC-130P and a MC-130P were both photographed as well as many LR and Norwegian tails: http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.search?cx=partner-pub-8297169501225184%3Aa05n2n-tzky&q=c-130&sa=Submit&search_field=datedesc&siteurl=www.airliners.net%2F&ss=856j205334j5&sort_order=photo_id+desc&page=1&page_limit=15&sid=8e306edc240ad9e2667b10dd064521d5
  17. The 61st just received their first J model yesterday, not sure of the tail number but I can assume it's the bottom picture. The 61st has many J model qualified folks and has been utilizing the 41st's aircraft for all their missions until they start(ed) receiving planes. I would have suspected the new plane for them (61st) to have a green tail flash so I am wondering if this one is a replacement for the FOB Shank accident aircraft that the 41st lost.
  18. The Loads do the -1 but it's not as involved as the FE one on the legacy, no crew chief outside running flight controls. We do an interior/exterior and top of airplane and the flight deck. The flight deck is mostly switch setting and getting the computers turned on and set. The pilots will show and do most of the mission/data inputting into the computer and the AC will do an exterior walk around as well.
  19. I heard (not officially) that these guys were trying to get into the airfield to AirEvac out a critically injured soldier. They made a few approaches (due to some nasty weather/winds) and the one they finally got down on ended in the Class A you see in the pics. The whole "a Eng would have prevented this" was beat to death on Facebook and the numerous Class As involving the E/H where a similar event unfolded were pointed out. I have a lot of love for the 1A1s but the J model does not and will never require an Engineer. These guys in Afghanistan tried their best to get that injured service member the needed help and I hope that will be factored in to any administrative punishment that may result once the AIB/SIB investigation is complete.
  20. Well I can say a collective "thank you" from all the J model LMs for your work. The flip up CVR is 10 times better than installing the E/H model CVR. The CVR basically does what its names implies, provides Centerline Vertical Restraint when airdropping CDS side by side. Depending on the number of CDS we can load them centerline (no CVR required), but we then have to provide our own vertical restraint via a cargo strap. The ability to do an airdrop and reconfigure the cargo compartment takes about 2 minutes. Here's a video of a CDS drop, the container is loaded on the right and the CVR is utilized:
  21. Here's a recent video of the Extracted CDS (XCDS) type of drop, some good shots of the cargo floor and locks if you pause the video: http://youtu.be/COZo-Ori79w
  22. The winch is under the floor and can be operated from the front or rear, the pendant is movable and can be connect at either location. No more need for the winch restraint to the floor and worrying about your head falling off while working the Bulldog handle.
  23. We only set the MFCD (computer) for the size of the extraction or drogue chute.
  24. I currently fly on both and the J lock system is a lot more user friendly. The preflight for the J with the ECHS does not involve all the manual labor like the E/H. The ECHS locks can be operated manually but this is seldom if ever required. There are not many places for stuff to fall down in the rails, they are covered from front to back, no individual lock covers that can be pulled up.
  25. I am trying to get information the "Cambodian Gunrunners" patch. I read that it was used by the 16 SOS in Vietnam but does anyone know if this was just a unit patch or was it ever officially recognized by the USAF. The squadron had patches made using the old design (adding a full green/tan Herk dropping a CDS)but used "Afghanistan" in lieu of "Cambodia" but we are unable to get it authorized by the leadership at our deployed location. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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