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  1. Morning Team Just to inform you 4052 or NZ 7001 " The First C 130H" is ticking over 30000 hours. I will post some photos when I can.
  2. Bob / Casey Can you add the RNZAF to LPN 4053 (NZ 7002) and 4054 (NZ 7003) in the database. NZ 7004 and NZ 7005 are 65-something will have to look. Thanks John
  3. What system are you using and how do you find it for use. We are hoping to get the Trulink system but we will probably get new planes first ....yeah right.
  4. Now I have heard that the wireless head set is in use finally ?? Can anyone help??
  5. Morning I am involved in the celebration of 50 years of flying of NZ 7001 (64-4052) being the first C130H. We are aiming to have a celebration in November and would love any early/production photos while she was being constructed. We are celebrating the aircraft and not 50 years of operation. Any one out there was the test flying/construction crew stories would be great. Also look forward the discussion of the RNZAF operating the same aircraft model for 50 years. Thanks John
  6. http://derbosoft.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=furtherafield&action=display&thread=2445&page=4 Found this link to a lot of C130 photos
  7. During after ttakeoff check fe turns on bleed air and then after 15 seconds left empannage compensator starts smoking. It has been cleaned, baked in oven and repleced but still smokes up? Video to come.
  8. Evening I was just wondering if anyone can confirm the suitation around the C130 gear failure of the aircraft below When were discussing why it happened and what the findings were. Thanks
  9. Just wondering if there is a C130 Operators patch gallery? We have just re created a new C130 Patch and wondered if there was a suitable gallery i could up load it too.
  10. Hi Tiny Thank you for the info. Sorry about no reply, i was checking the forum on my phone and was not able to post a reply then because the hamsters were not running fast enough. Will take the info to work on tuesday and chase it up. Thanks again
  11. YEs have the plans for them wooden milk stool and we use the wood one in antartica but the two piece metal fits nicely Into the 2 gallon urn storage point behind the aux pump hence after a couple more
  12. Can anyone assist in obtaining information for the grey two piece ramp support / ramp stool that can be used on the C130. I am trying through official channels but need a little assistance. We have a couple already that we "obtained" from the Canadians years ago but need a couple more. (Photo attached) Thanks
  13. Read an article the other day in the USAF web site about a LC 130 J operating at McMurdo Station Antartica but talking to the movement boys in Christchurch they have not seen any through this season. Are there any out there?:confused:
  14. Hi Bob Small amendment for note: 4052 About to go to upgrade. 4053 4054 Upgraded by spar to new glass flight deck 4312 Upgraded by spar to new glass flight deck 4313 Also aircraft flown by RNZAF not NZAF. Thanks John
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