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  1. I am in the AR Guard. I have not seen any WC's here. What type of training are they supposed to be doing here doing?
  2. They were Tactical Airlift Squadrons under MAC.
  3. Thanks for the response. I'm a load here in the Arkansas ANG. Our maintainers seem to have been tasked to prep the Hercs that are being delivered to both Connecticut and Montana. These airplanes are coming from the AD here at Little Rock and are old Dyess 74 models. We've also been tasked to fly them up to Connecticut but not Montana. Montana has a current and qualified crew consisting of mostly folks who have transferred from Reno and Peoria who are flying the Montana planes. The Connecticut crews are here in training. I'll be in Connecticut most of January flying with them and getting them up to speed. Should be a good time. Connecticut is a GREAT unit.
  4. Here is a tail shot of the first Montana bird.
  5. I read the AD A-10 Sq is Spang, AFRC A-10 is Barksdale, ANG A-10 Ft Smith, Ft Wayne and Selfridge, ANG F-16 is Des Moines and the F-15 unit is Kingsley Field Oregon.
  6. What I dont get is this. No matter what political affiliation you have, everybody wants people to have jobs, skills, education, health care benefits (either work provided or purchased) and a retirement system. There is no other proven place to earn these things than in the military. But, they gut the military which provides these things while they continue to pay some unemployed crack head downtown to do nothing. Our system is broke and I am scared to death for the generations to come.
  7. Should have made an H4 instead of the J or AMP.
  8. We have been hearing not to expect each state to have more than one Guard flying wing. That hurts Nashville since TN has KC-135s in Knoxville and C-5s in Memphis. My guess is both Nashville and Memphis close since they are trying to get rid of the older C-5s as well. The other rumor we heard is that you can expect the Guard to lose iron but not people. The theory I guess is to have people in the Guard that can quickly surge into AD units or other units if needed. Im not sure how folks are going to keep their currencies and continue to gain experience without airplanes though. Closer to home, its going to be interesting to see what our (189th AR) follow on mission is going to be now that the AMP seems to be dead. Gotta wonder what happens to the new reserve training squadron at LR as well.
  9. http://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123268312 I have to say that I am very proud to have flown on this aircraft over the years. I have a ton of good memories of this aircraft at home station and on the road. She is going to her well deserved final resting place at the museum. We found out about the aircraft's history about 3 years ago. After a few months of work and research, we were able to convice the leadership here that the aircraft was deserving of some nose art. We were able to design and apply that nose art before we gave the airplane to the active duty as we converted to the H model. As of today, the airplane still has the nose art on it. We were then able to take the airplane up to the 2009 Yankee Air Museum Air Show in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The Air Show was themed the "Herc Invasion" I just knew that when we went to crank her up and fly her to the Air Show that something was going to break and we wouldnt make it up there. Most folks on this forum understand that each and every Herc has a personality and 1787 is no exception. She started right up, and we flew her at about 4000 ft all the way from LR to Michigan. She sat proudly next to about 15 other Hercs and was the main attraction. Fond memories of a great airplane!
  10. The first aircraft to leave us here in the 189th was 86-1395.
  11. Where are your troops and may I count them?
  12. Check USAFPatches.com The owner of that site has a huge collection. Look under the gallery page. You can find pretty much anything you want to reference.
  13. The airplane wouldn't be around if it wasn't for the experience of this crew. It was the aircraft involved in a four engine roll back a couple of years ago. http://www.littlerock.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123120236
  14. In the E model we used to actually hold the door open switch and release the door from the uplock using the manual release lever with the other hand and then let the door free fall closed. In the H, we use the door close switch to get it out of the uplock and then let it free fall. Either way, once the door is released from the uplock it will free fall to the locked position. The only time I have had to use the door close switch to get the door to actually lock closed is in flight when the airstream holds the door open. That rarely happens. The door does not lock electronically. It locks through a simple system of metal wires and pulleys. Climb on up there and look at it sometime. It is really simple mechanics and 50s technology!
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