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Torque Cal on EIDS System


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I'm brand new to this forum and work in a T56/501 test cell.

We have an EIDS panel and we cal our HP & Torque to a value that was told to us when the the cell was new and has "always been done this way". But now the question has arisin' asking what is the "book proceedure" which we don't have. Does anyone out there have a written proceedure they can share for calibration of Torque on the EIDS system. Or what T.O. I could find the info in. Attached is a photo of our panel.



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my only guess would be the back of the 2J-T56-56. Manufactures tech manuals sometimes had stuff like that tucked away in it as well...might be another place to look.

I did T/C for a few yrs in Germany, hands down best job I had in the AF...loved it. Not sure we ever had a "run" cklist, other than the -56.

Not to hijack you, but is that a CelTech test cell? We had an "A" model and a "D" model test cell...one was steam gages, the other had a computer monitor for the gages. The computer one sucked...bad...worthless....POS...etc.

Good luck!

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DanMan,I have the same question as TB400 - is that a CELTECH cell? I run a T21D

in Jeddah, KSA. The torque cal is done exactly the same as for the aircraft. A few

years ago the computer [email protected] out, and I modified the cell with parallel analogue

gauges. First thing I noticed when we got the computer running again, was a large

difference in torque at high power settings. It took several weeks of tweaking the

calibration files to get the 2 displays to read the same

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