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Mixed Signals


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Two Boilermakers at the railroad shops were cutting out rusted steam heat bolts.

One held the long chisel while the other swung a 20-pound maul.

But they couldn’t get their signals straight.

When the fellow with the chisel was ready for the blow, the fellow with the sledge-hammer

wasn’t, and vice versa.

Finally they were hailed by the irate voice of the foreman.

“When are you guys gonna’ get that job done? This engine’s gotta get out of here.â€

The two dolts hastily renewed their efforts.

“Look, said the chisel-holder, I’ll get the chisel set, and when I do, I’ll shake my head.

When I shake my head, you hit it!â€

The hammer-wielder did. It took 19 stiches to close the gash in his partners scalp.

* * * *


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