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Mae West's Movie


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The history of press agentry presents one of its classic studies in futility in Bill Pine’s adventure with the fifty parrots.

Bill, who had long been one of Hollywood’s most potent publicists, conceived the idea of training half a hundred of the talkative birds to repeat the title of Mae West’s newest film, “It Ain’t No Sin.â€

His plan was to dispatch the parrots to the larger American cities, where they could enliven interest in the picture by screaming the words to the natives.

The drilling consumed many days of painful, nerve-wracking labor, but at last was accomplished.

On the day before the picture’s scheduled release, Bill Pine went in to the producer’s office and announced,

“Boss, I’ve got a surprise for you.â€

“You don’t say!†his employer rejoined. “Well, I have one for you—we’ve just changed the title of Mae West’s picture to “I’m No Angelâ€!â€

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