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The Ride Home

Skip Davenport

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http://www.theridehome.com/ This site The Ride Home is honoring all former Prisoners of War and remembering those still Missing In Action.

This is a great organization and could use your help in honoring these POW & MIA's. If you would be interested in being a sponsor or just make a donation to help host a POW or know of a POW or POW family check out there web page.

Just getting the word out to everyone you know will help. Thanks

Also, they have an urgent need if you can help.

Hi Skip! Need some help (again). I have a contributor in Alaska who is prepared to donate two Harley Davidson Stratocaster Guitars, an antique gold Harley Davidson collectors edition pocket watch and other antique Harley memorabilia to The Ride Home Poker run I am organizing here in Florida. The problem - the donor does not have the funds to ship these items from Fairbanks to here and I don't have the budget to do this myself. I'm donating all overhead for this event out of my own pocket as my contribution to our Former POW's and MIA Families. Do you have contacts in the flying community who could at least help get these items down to a location in the continental US where they could then be shipped the rest of the way for a reasonable price?

Shipper: Mrs. Katlynn Thompson (daughter of a WWII POW executed by the Japanese)

Contact Paul Widener, for contact information for Mrs Thompson at 207 Inlet Shores Drive, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168, Phone: 910-382-5286. Mailing address for donation of shipping cost: Rolling Thunder Florida Chapter 8, PO Box 2573, Ormond Beach, FL 32175, Phone: Dick Allison, 386-290-1738. I appreciate you trying to help us find a solution. We're going to auction these off to sponsor POWs and MIA Families

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