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Soda Cracker


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A certain well-known gambler failed to pay a large note when it became due and,

in consequence, the loan shark who had it waxed highly indignant and berated

the debtor in bitter and extremely uncomplimentary terms.

Whereupon the gambler, greatly insulted, poked a pistol in the lender’s ribs and

barked: “Eat that note, you lily-livered dollar grabber.â€

With some difficulty, the money lender chewed up the document and swallowed it.

A few weeks later, to his utter amazement and delight, the gambler fell into a

highly profitable run of luck, and paid off the obligation in full.

A little later the gambler came to the money lender and applied for another loan.

He was quickly and cheerfully accommodated.

There was a thoughtful expression in the money lender’s eyes as the gambler

took out his pen and prepared to make out a note to cover the obligation.

“Wait a minute!†the money lender cried. “Would you mind writing that on a soda cracker.â€

* * * *


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