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Governor Rick Perry and the C-130

Monty FE

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I was in the 774th from August '76 to July '81, give or take a day or two. I remember a lot of folks...well, some folks, anyway. Paul Fitzpatrick was in the 772nd if anyone still remembers him. Perry was definitely NOT in the 772nd. I do recall someone said someone in one of the other squadrons was getting out...I seem to recall it being "Rick Perry." The rumor was he was going to run for Congress or something. Amazing what one does recall after all these years! I do remember the squadron commanders of the 774th--Ted Faurer (spelling not sure), Bill Hillyer, Lowell Fathera, and Cliff Hodge--during my time there, anyway. I also remember being "guest help" during a 772nd squadron one rotation. Y'all are free to respond and email me directly if you want. Best to all!

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Gov. Perry is very personable. I flew him around one day a few years ago. He's very friendly and easy to talk too. The NY Times article is recent; the Austin-Statesman article is from September.

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