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G-222 / Alenia C-27A APU Problem


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Been playing around in Afghanistan the past few months with this G-222 (C-27A) aircraft.

Got me a good APU problem that may translate well from some of your Herc APU/GTC experiences. This APU will run just fine, loaded, unloaded, for roughly 5 top 10 minutes, then abruptly shut down. This happens either in flight, or on the ground.

I have eliminated the Oil Pressure Switch, the Hot Oil Temp Switch, the Speed Switch, the Ignition Control Unit, and the fuel filter. Cracking Pressure I would assume is fine as it starts smoothly, and doesn't "burp" or appear to be struggling for fuel before shutdown. I do not have a gauge available to verify though.

Befor I start shotgunning parts (I was thinking oil pump or fuel cluster) I thought of you guys. Any help and/or thoughs would once again be appreciated.


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