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    I was stationed at Langley AFB 1971-1974 as an aircraft electrician. I was assigned to the 37th squadron working on C130E's. There were 3 maintenence squadrons ; 36th, 37th & 38th. These were consolidated into the 316th Field Maintenence Squadron.
    Went on many TDY's including Mildenhall, RAF Linum (sp), Azores (1973 Yom Kippur War), Thule Greenland, Hawaii, Wake Island, Guam, Philippines, Viet Nam, Thailand, and stateside (Pope).
    Got out of service in '74. Eventually went to school on the GI Bill and got a direct commission back into the AF in '79. Retired in '95 as a Major but I must admit, the time spent at Langley was the best time of my life.
    I retired from Eglin AFB and there are those occasional times when I get a whiff of a hot C130 exhaust. The smell of JP4 takes me back instantly 40 years.
    Can't help it, I love those memories and my C130's
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    Crestview, Fl
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    Retired AF/Retired Dept of Corrections

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  1. Congrats on the new parts. Wish you the best for continued recovery.
  2. Chris, I sure hope you are feeling better. I sent you a PM on 9April. Check your e-mail Keith
  3. As Gizzard (Paul parrish ) once told me "hang in there and outlive the bastards" or words to that effect. Good luck.
  4. Read the thread titled "buddy jet eng shop" I just responded to that thread and addressed how I dealt with the same problem you are describing. Submit the SF 149 Request for Correction of Military Records. Good Luck
  5. After 42+ years, I finally got my letter from the Gov't confirming my Vietnam service. After exhausting all other avenues, requesting records, APR's, Travel vouchers, etc and getting nothing showing I had Boots on the Ground, I submitted the SF149 request for correction of military records. I provided a detailed letter of my time at Tan Son Nhut along with an historical overview of real world conditions at the time. The only document I had was a copy of my Small Arms Receipt that was given to me when I in-processed at TSN. The process took a while (about a year) but the request had been reviewed by 3 boards of evaluators. The first board denied my claim because of a lack of records proving my case. However, the two review boards following the original upheld my claim based on additional evidence they found (although circumstantial) and the strength of the detailed letter. As a result I received an official letter stating I had Boots on the Ground and awarded a VSM with Bronze Service Star. Additionally, they sent me a full size VSM w BSS and importantly, a DD215 (amendment to my DD214) awarding me the VSM w BSS. With the Golden Ticket, I went to my local Disabled American Vet service officer and worked up a claim for Diabetes associated with Agent Orange. That claim has been submitted on 3/3/15 and I hope to have it settled within a year. Bottom Line - Be persistent and Don't get Discouraged. There are several of us on her who have fought the good fight and giving each other encouragement along the way. Jerry Mitchell, Chris Schutz and Paul Parrish to name a few. GOOD LUCK!!
  6. Happy Belated Birthday Ken. I might be late but ive still got a pulse. :rolleyes:
  7. Hurlburt....auto correct kills me
  8. If I ever get back from miami, I'll take a run down to Urlbert to check that tail number.
  9. No problem sleeping anywhere in the cargo compartment. The best spot was on top of cargo close to the top. Always warm up there as opposed to the cargo seats. It was always cold close to the floor. Gear up, crawl up, settle in, eyes closed. To this day, I can fall asleep just about anywhere.
  10. Thanks for your posts Sonny. I get a good laugh every time I read your stuff....
  11. I guess I'm missing out. I'll have to pick up a copy and compare with my experiences as an electrician. Those were, after all, the days my friend.
  12. Getting a bit cold up there in Anchorage eh SEFEGeorge?
  13. Anyone here ever experience a JATO personally? If so, can you describe the feeling? Thanks
  14. You gotta prove "boots on the ground" at zero dark thirty. But I'll trust you mom's memory on this one. Have a happy birthday pal.
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