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  1. Yes. I remember when I arrived at Pope PCS. The first thing I was asked was "Did you bring your own tow bar and pressure requirements?"
  2. Never saw nor heard of a shear pin shearing. How far does a C-130 coast if the tow bar lets go? 3 feet? Five? Just curious.
  3. Back in the day we used to pull them out of the hanger with a tug. The tug had breaks on them. Once out started the GTC.
  4. Pope AFB 1963 thru 1971 464 TCW. If you were there during this period and crewed (maintenance) C-130s please send me a message giving your name, dates, airplane SN and TDYs you went on with dates (if known) as well as permission to memorialize it. The second edition of this book will include as complete a list as I can gather for reference purposes. (dates refers to calendar dates, not sweet young things)
  5. I am working on a second, extended edition of this book. It would be a great help if you guys who crewed C-130s between 1967 and today could tell me what has changed over the years. When I got discharged it looked like the romance of the job was beginning to falter as you see in the book. Did it just become a job? Why? Did they stop having TDY rotations going on all over the world? Did they stop crew chiefs from traveling with their airplane? Did they train too many people into the field? This kind of insight would allow me to make comparisons and create a more historical background.
  6. I have resisted adding to the discussion because I wanted to see unsolicited responses. I am very pleased so far. The book length was the result of the manuscript in my word processor that kept changing every time I saved and reopened the program. All the pictures would go away and the contents messed up. I panicked, and heving seen all the reasons a manuscript would be rejected by the publisher, I finally gave up and sent it in to see if I was beating a dead horse. I am about to start a second edition with improved software and a little experience to give me confidence. Thanks for the reviews (You could add them to the Amazon page also) I will get more active now that the acceptance of my work seems enevitable.
  7. Read what it was like to crew a C-130 in the mid 60's. This accounting is of travels worldwide from paradise to war in a matter of hours. http://www.amazon.com/C-130-Crew-Chief-SeeThe-World/dp/1496032950
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