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  1. Is it possible to conduct an engine ground run at LSGI with flaps removed?
  2. Who can be kind enough to give me a peek or summarize what the 33D2-37-11-1 says
  3. What's the range stated in your workcard that the detent is supposed to release? For example, with the detent set at 2500lbs, if the required force to release it is 3000lbs, the detent is serviceable or not?
  4. Hi, I have a query regarding AAR cargo system latch testing equipment c130 rh latch tester p/n: 51500-100. It was stated in the operating instruction that the latch should release at +/- 10 % reading of latch indicator. However when refer to my Lockheed Martin maintenance manual tm382c-9 as below: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/qf4znk5hxx0smg5/AAB7l1BJVJWeJ6eYRN7mpkQ5a https://www.dropbox.com/sc/31z0444epm6yt93/AAB1Hp_TgNKg9LhTJjQFEQfFa I read that during test, the latch should remain engaged at torque 48ft-lbs and latch released at torque 64ft-lbs.. That's a range of +/- 30%.
  5. what about if towing from inside the hangar out to dispersal/bay? APU/GTC is not to be operated from inside the hangar right?
  6. hi guys, just seeking your input regarding the sufficient brake pressure while aircraft is being towed? is it 1000psi, 1500psi or 3000psi? pressure buildup by manual pump or aux pump? thanks
  7. hey guys, just wandering what tools you guys use to remove the hex bolts at engine truss mount area that saves time and manpower.. electrical drill? pneumatic drill? manual hex key?
  8. No idea, way before my time in the early 90s I'm guessing.. I'm looking for newer versions too if anyone has it.
  9. Check these notes out my friend, appreciate if anybody else who has a more complete our updated copy can share with me as well. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gk0tykqqqaqdvds/YiJuhTe1ny
  10. 3505786-1 is the part no. for a newer model air turbine starter, older model starter only engages onto the engine when start valve is open and there's bleed air going into the starter, hence damage will occur when start valve is opened in flight and the starter is engaged onto the engine at rpm that is above the limit. is there any new fail safe built into the newer model to prevent this scenario that is not available on the older model?
  11. Hi guys, as part of our squadron innovation project, we have come up with a design for c130 Additional litter support for air ambulance/mercy flight/medevac role. [ATTACH=CONFIG]3935[/ATTACH] Please have a look and give your suggestions. Thanks. Also if there are other similar concept already out there, pls do share.
  12. Hi guys, just curious for knowledge sake, for 3505786-1 air turbine starter, when inflight suddenly start valve light illuminate and start valve open, will the air turbine starter crank and get damaged? Thanks.
  13. guys, thank you all for your advice and replies...appreciate it.. this problem has been solved by replacing the engine+QEC with a new one, no idea what's the actual cause, didnt have the time to troubleshoot further..
  14. rigging, blade angle cx satisfactory; tq indicator not the problem since swapped indicator with #3 engine but snag still persist. sorry im a noob but how do i check the air px out of my BARV?
  15. hi guys, am in a bind here with this new engine that i just put up. so 95% power is around 17k inch lbs torque, i only got around 16.2k lbs in td auto and td null with bleeds on, bleeds off around 17.2k. During advanced throttle it was observed that TIT max at 1083 with fuel flow about 200 lbs less than other engines.. in some runs it was also observed that in td null the torque can be 2-300 inch lbs worse off compared to td in auto. also during crossover, there is no crossover cut at all in auto and null although TIT stayed around 830+, below the limit of 840C. with other engines, there i
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