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C-130 Database Beta

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I have the C-130 Database far enough along to allow access as a "beta" version.

Partial data for 63 aircraft has been added for testing purposes. However, it has many errors and will require updating.

There are currently three page types:

1. The index page: Search function and stats.

2. Results page: Displays matches for search results and "view details" link for each matching Lockheed Production Number (LPN).

3. LPN pages: Displays aircraft details and a link to photos of the selected LPN.

The way forward:

Clean-up errant data entered during early development.

Add original and current data for each of the 2400 aircraft built to date.

Add additional data points for each aircraft.

Additional plans:

Increased search functionality.

User feedback form function (suggest entry edit/new entry addition).

Other improvement based on user feed back.

It has been a challenge to get the project to this point and I would like to say thank you to Stefaan and Lieven at F-16.net for the php help and insight into their database. Also, thanks to Bob Daley and Lars Olausson for the outstanding reference materials.

There is A LOT of work left but it's a start. :cool:

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