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MAFFS II photos


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Was in Colorado Springs (Peterson AFB) a few weeks ago and stopped in at my old unit (302nd Airlift Wing -AFRES) to see old friends.

I was lucky as they were having Family Day weekend and had set up a display of the the New MAFFS II units in the hanger.

The new units are all stainlees steel, have one individual tank for the retardant ( the old MAFFS I had 5 individual tanks, connected together with rubber couplings) and 2 smaller tanks on

the side for storage of the high pressure air, 2 high pressure reciprocating compressors for air, discharges out through the left paratroop door.

This is alot better set-up as there are fewer places inside the cargo compartment to have leaks. It seemed like every year the rubber couplings would leak, or tear and retardant would leak all over in the cargo compartment. The new units have NO couplings and have only 1 connection and that is from the tank assembly to the discharge nozzle right near the left paratroop door.

In the photos the large tank is for the retardant, can hold up to 4,000 gallons, typically goes out with 3,000. the smaller longer tanks on the side are for air, 2 compressors up front for

high pressure air, high pressure air can also be serviced from ground compressors when they are servicing with retardant. 2 positions at the aft of the unit for the loadmasters, with a new control panel. These units can now make multiple drops with different coverage rates!

Hopefully these pictures come out alright.

73, Rex

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Since the other pictures came out OK, I'll add a few others.

The nozzle that sticks out thru the left paratroop door is the discharge valve, basically a hydraulic needle valve, the hydraulic

system is self contained on the MAFFS unit.

Also a pic of the operating positions for the loadmasters 2 each.

73, Rex

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